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Oliver Goes to Stephens Island Lighthouse cover



Oliver Goes to Stephens Island Lighthouse
Written by Grant Sheehan & illustrated by Rosalind Clark

The latest title in the Lighthouse series from Phantom Tree House, this is the story of Oliver who gets to visit Stephens Island Lighthouse, in the often stormy Cook Strait.

Here he encounters some rare and unusual animals, learns about the sad fate of a unique bird without wings, meets the last lighthouse keepers and has his first ever ride in a helicopter.

This is the third Phantom Tree House title for Grant Sheehan and Rosalind Clark. They also collaborated
on Lucy goes to the Lighthouse and Ivan and the Lighthouse.

36 pages
Soft cover with flaps
Full colour illustrations
November 2019
$25.00 RRP

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Lucy Goes to the Lighthouse cover



Lucy Goes to the Lighthouse
Written by Grant Sheehan & illustrated by Rosalind Clark

Set in the present, Lucy lives in a seaside cottage in Eastbourne, near Wellington.

Not far away, high on a cliff is the old Pencarrow Lighthouse with its spectacular views out across the sea to the South Island. When Lucy and her mother visit, her mother tells her the amazing story of Mary Jane Bennett, who, 150 years ago, was New Zealand’s first and only woman lighthouse keeper.

This is the second Phantom Tree House title for Grant Sheehan and Rosalind Clark. They also collaborated on Ivan and the Lighthouse in 2016.

36 pages
Soft cover with flaps
Full colour illustrations
November 2017
$25.00 RRP

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The Night Watchers cover



The Night Watchers
New Zealand Nightscapes
Images by Grant Sheehan

Photographed entirely at night, using hi-tech equipment, including a modified camera, purpose-built for astrophotography, The Night Watchers takes the reader on a spectacular journey that explores both urban and rural landscapes. Whether shrouded in darkness, aglow in moonlight, under star-filled skies, studded by the Milky Way, streaked with the Aurora Australis, or illuminated by man-made night lights, these night recording photographs present striking vistas that are simultaneously familiar and strange.

The Night Watchers is a limited edition book, signed numbered, with high production values. Each book will include a 25 x 30cm fine art printed on silver metallic art paper. These signed prints will also be limited editions of 100.

120 pages
Hardcover with dust jacket with French folds
Colour photographs
November 2017
$165.00 RRP

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Havana cover



Coffee U Feel
The Havana Coffee Works Story
Geoff Marsland with Tom Scott

Havana Coffee is a New Zealand institution.

This book tells the astonishing story of pioneering Wellington Coffee Baron, Geoff Marsland. A café king, roasting entrepreneur, good bloke and caffeine visionary.

The Havana Coffee Works Story is Geoff’s biography of a home-grown business success, from its beginnings in Cuba Street, Wellington; importing Cuban coffee; setting up plantations in the Pacific; to its current coffee empire status, bringing Coffee U Feel to the people.

A visual symphony of cars, cigars, cafes and coffee roasters. It is also a social history of Cuba Street and Wellington over the last three decades, with larger-than-life personalities, guts, determination and turf wars.

176 pages
Hardback with dustjacket
Colour photographs
November 2016
$50.00 RRP

Available in good bookstores nationwide.


Lights cover



Eye in the Sky: A Drone Above New Zealand
Grant Sheehan

This book explores the country from the air — ranging from 10ft to 400ft — in a way that is both unique and compelling; from wide elevated vistas of landscapes and land forms, to close intimate portraits of buildings and textures that conventional aircraft would struggle to capture. The first of its kind in New Zealand, this book adds an extra dimension to the idea of the classic New Zealand photo book appealing to a wide range of tastes, from those interested in both aerial and drone photography, tourists, lovers of landscape and to those keen to see New Zealand in a new way.

Each photograph is accompanied by the height and GPS location of where it was taken.

96 pages
Paperback with flaps
Colour photographs
December 2015
$45.00 RRP

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Lights cover



Lights in the Landscape: New Zealand Lighthouses
Grant Sheehan

Lights in the Landscape is a spectacular photographic journey from New Zealand’s most northern lighthouse at Cape Reinga, to our most southern, in Foveaux Strait.

The book shows not only the lighthouses themselves but also the landscape around them, capturing the wild beauty of the coastline, the often unpredictable weather and the wildlife that live in these, mostly isolated areas.

Accompanying the photographs is text giving a short history and for lighthouses still operational, technical details.

The photographs have been captured by state of the art camera equipment, and feature sharp textural landscapes in many different light situations from storm light and moonlight and nightscapes filled with stars. Photographic data is included in the caption of each image.

160 pages
Hardback with dust jacket
Colour photographs
November 2013
$75.00 RRP

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Ghosts in the landscape cover



Ghosts in the Landscape
Grant Sheehan

Ghosts in the Landscape is a visual journey through New Zealand in search of aspects of the countryside that resonate in our national psyche.

These ‘ghosts’ take many forms, memorials of wars and events, in places/locations of disasters and the smaller things, like the old abandoned houses, discarded rusting cars of bygone eras, or the prolific red sheds scattered throughout the land.

Finally, there is the haunting power and grandeur of our diverse landscape; sometimes beautiful, in its quiet still moments, other times terrifying, in its stormy violent moods.

These markers of the past, waypoints in the swirling waters of history, help us navigate our way forward into the future and, at least in part, help shape us as a people and a nation.

A numbered and signed, limited edition hardback.

320mm x w280mm 184 pages,
Hardback with dustjacket
Black & White Photographs
November 2011
$150.00 RRP

ISBN 978 0 9864571 4 2


Reviews for Ghosts in the landscape:

In her review in the Listener, writer Sally Blundell summed up the book as showing “large sharp beautifully produced black and white images dripping with sublime romanticism of ruin: decayed farm buildings, abandoned houses, shipwrecks, mining relics, rusting cars, roadside crosses, all set beneath big skies, dramatic horizons and the misty profile of distant hills.”

New Zealand Herald reviewer Jim Eagles described the images as “a stunning exploration in black and white of the New Zealand countryside and the spirits haunting it.” He added that Sheehan's images “bring these ghosts to mind with extraordinary power.”

See more about the Ghosts in the Landscape



We Three Go South cover



We Three Go South:
The 1890 diary of Ethel Richardson's trip
to the Sub-Antarctic
Collated and transcribed by Cynthia Cass

The year is 1890 and the writer is nineteen years old when she and her two sisters decided – on the toss of a coin – to embark on a voyage on the S.S. Hinemoa to the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand, visiting places where few women had ventured before.

Lillie, Ethel and Fannie were experienced sailors who visited most of the outlying islands of New Zealand and appear to have enjoyed a freedom unusual in their era. From riding horses to rowing boats, drawing or playing music, their love of nature and quirky sense of humour gave them an ability to make fun from the simplest of situations.

The poorly-spelled but enchanting account of this trip is recorded in an illustrated diary which offers an extraordinary insight into the lives of this trio of young adventurers who fearlessly faced the challenges of freezing southern latitudes with little more to protect them than high spirits.

All the images are drawn or painted by Ethel who went on to become a draughtswoman for the Lands and Survey department.

Cynthia Cass is the granddaughter of Lillie and the great neice of “Aunty Fluff”, Ethel Richardson.

160 pages
Paperback with flaps
Full colour
November 2014
$40.00 RRP

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Ghosts in the landscape cover



The Second Black Dog Cottage Cookbook
Adie McClelland

Take a second visit to the Black Dog Cottage where Adie McClelland gives us uncomplicated food, with a real edge — stylish yet very straightforward — Asian and Mediterranean-inspired recipes, designed to be easily prepared, served without ceremony and to be eaten with joy and good company.

A sun kissed Greek Island, an old wooden bach on the East coast of New Zealand’s North Island and a vibrant family kitchen are the inspirations behind the recipes.

The Second Black Dog Cottage Cookbook, with entirely new recipes, will provide inspiration to anyone who seeks simple, fresh, tasty home-cooked food and is a celebration of family, food, holidays and the iconic kiwi Bach.

320mm x w280mm 164 pages,
Paperback with flaps
Colour photographs
August 2012
$45.00 RRP

ISBN  9780987666710

See more about the Black Dog Cottage cookbooks



visible cover


Visible: 60 Women at 60

By Jenny O’Connor

Photographer Jenny O’Connor was born in 1952.

In 2011, as she headed toward her 60th birthday in 2012, she began reflecting on her past and preparing for the future. It led her to wonder how other women nearing this same milestone felt about themselves, how society saw them and what their thoughts about their future were.

Jenny’s desire to explore these questions was how this book began; by talking to 60 women who were 60 when she took their photograph. The words are theirs, writing whatever each wanted to say about themselves.

“I wanted to give a glimpse into each woman’s experience of being 60 now. It’s my hope that through their photographs and words you may feel a sense of connection, be moved, surprised, curious, maybe challenged; or just enjoy the images of these special women.”

Visible will find a place on the bookshelves of people who love photography, and those interested in a social commentary from some of a generation of women who lived very different lives from their mothers and grandmothers.

128 pages Paperback with flaps
March 2014 $44.00 RRP
Phantom House

ISBN 978 0 9876667 6 5



From Beacon Point


From Beacon Point: My Journey, My Story

By Dr Maurice Matich (Snr)

This historical and autobiographical work by Dr Maurice Matich traces the history of the Matich and Silich families from their beginnings in Ra?iš?e, on the island of Kor?ula, and their migration to New Zealand in the early 1900s.

It tells of Maurice’s childhood on the Kaipara Harbour, his journey into medicine during World War II, and his return to the Kaipara district where he served the community for 50 years as a rural general practitioner until his retirement in the year 2000.

This book serves as a beacon to those who wish to overcome adversity and achieve through an intense determination to pursue education.

It is also a story about the value of family.

In his 92nd year, he is still living in Dargaville with his wife Maureen, to whom he attributes much of his success.

288 pages Hardback with dustjacket
August 2013 $49.99 RRP
Phantom House

ISBN 978 0 9876667 4 1



Sam Pyar

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Sam Pyar


From Phantom Tree House...

Sam Pyar

By Shalesh Vasan
Illustrated by Duncan West

Sam is a young boy at Lucy’s school who is a bit different and unusual, but Lucy thinks
he is interesting, so invites him
to her birthday party anyway…
At the party, Sam has a good time and Lucy learns more about him. Then he starts to
feel unwell, Sam has a secret…

See more...

32 pages Paperback with folds
Colour illustrations
May 2012 $19.99 RRP
Phantom Treehouse (imprint)

ISBN 978-0986457-16-6



Eden Park: A History cover



Eden Park: A History
John McCrystal & Lindsay Knight

Between 1900-10 Auckland’s Kingsland Cricket Club rented land close to what is now Sandringham Road. Not long afterward, Eden Cricket Club purchased circa 15 acres in that area and went on to build what we now know as Eden Park.

Over the past century, it has been through many changes and in 2011, as it hosts another World Cup, Eden Park carries with it the spirit of its many past champion players, epic contests and enthusiastic home crowds.

230mm x w150mm 234 pages,
Hardback with dustjacket
June 2011
$49.99 RRP

ISBN 978 0 9864571 3 5



Trade Me: The Inside Story cover

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Trade Me: The Inside Story cover


Trade Me: The Inside Story
Michael "MOD" O'Donnell
Foreword by Sam Morgan

Few companies have captured the hearts and minds of New Zealanders like Trade Me.

Originally built by university dropout Sam Morgan on a borrowed laptop, Trade Me was to change the face of retailing in New Zealand, destroying newspapers' classified businesses and going on to become part of the vernacular as some 2.5 million Kiwis became members.

Now for the first time the story of Trade Me is told, the first 10 years of this remarkable company. Author Mike O’Donnell is Head of Operations at Trade Me and tells the whole story. From fragile beginnings, to being laughed out of the room by Telecom, through to becoming the number one force on the New Zealand internet and being sold for a staggering $750 million.

Featuring a foreword by Trade Me founder Sam Morgan and numerous interviews with all members of the original Trade Me team, this is the first ever history of arguably New Zealand’s most loved company, and has the added benefit of telling the story from the inside.

220 x 150 mm 220 pages,
Paperback with french fold
August 2010
$39.99 RRP

ISBN 978 09864571 1 1



Morning Noon and Night, Floriditas Cafe, Restaurant and Bakery cover


Morning Noon & Night - Floriditas Café, Restaurant & Bakery
Julie Clark and Marc Weir
Photography by Grant Sheehan

For the past five years, Julie, Marc and James at Wellington's Floriditas Café, Restaurant and Bakery have been serving up a winning combination of tasty food, beautifully crafted wines and slick service.

Since it opened in the capital's trendy Cuba Quarter, Floriditas has fast become the favourite of many; different people at different times of the day, exactly how the three owners like it.

Open seven days a week, from early morning through until around midnight, the popular restaurant's day is an evolution. There are three menus titled morning, noon and night, with food served continuously throughout.

Menus change, in tune with the seasons and the ingredients available, and this is reflected in the book's theme and structure. The dishes on the Floriditas menu are simple and stylish, with clean vibrant flavours that let the ingredients shine through. Recipes, just like food, should be shared - that's why Julie, Marc and James opened Floriditas, and that's why they wrote this book.

270mm x 210mm 128 pages
Hardback - Red and Green options
June 2010
$49.95 RRP

ISBN 978 9780986457 1 0



New Zealand Landscapes - Northland to Antartica cover

Winner of the 2011 Travcom Pictorial Travel Book of the Year Award


New Zealand Landscapes Northland to Antarctica
Photography by Grant Sheehan
Music by Rhian Sheehan

Voted one of the top five places to visit in the world by Lonely Planet, the geographical diversity and startling beauty of New Zealand lures photographers and film makers as well as tourists. "If locations were awarded Oscars, New Zealand would scoop the lot," as a movie reviewer remarked.

This book is a photographic celebration of that diverse and very often impressive landscape. Grant Sheehan has recorded his own camera views from Northland to Stewart Island and beyond, to New Zealand's Antarctic territory and her islands in the Southern Ocean. From the road, from the air and at sea, the tranquility and scope of open often remote spaces are captured. The scenery and wildlife shown here underlines why New Zealand is consistently on the global 'must-see' list.

And as an extra dimension, the images have been given a striking soundtrack by musician Rhian Sheehan. The CD is included on the facing page.

Includes Music CD, eight tracks, 40 minutes duration, written especially for the book by New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan.

240 x 310 mm 128 pages, matt art paper
Hardback with dustcover & french fold
112 photographs
November 2008
$49.95 RRP

ISBN 978 9582838 3 0



Cover art of The Black Dog Cottage Cook Book


The Black Dog Cottage Cook Book
By Adie McClelland

A sun kissed Greek Island, an old wooden bach on the East coast of New Zealand's North Island and a vibrant family kitchen are the inspirations behind The Black Dog Cottage Cook Book.

Adie McClelland gives us uncomplicated food, with a real edge - stylish yet very straightforward - Asian and Mediterranean-inspired recipes, designed to be easily prepared, served without ceremony and to be eaten with joy and good company.

The Black Dog Cottage Cook Book will provide inspiration to anyone who seeks simple, fresh, tasty home-cooked food.

The book is a celebration of family, food, holidays and the iconic kiwi Bach.

210 x 240mm 160 pages
Full colour
Soft cover with flaps, with high quality matt art paper $39.95 RRP

ISBN 978-0-9582838-5-4


An e-book edition is also available on Zinio for $39.95

Preview it here:

Black Dog Cottage Cookbook e-book



Planet Penguin bookcover


Planet Penguin
Photography by Grant Sheehan
Translated by Shelley-Maree Cassidy

Probably the most popular bird on the planet, and the only one that walks upright, the penguin cannot fly but is a champion swimmer.

There are no penguins at the North Pole, their home is in the Southern Hemisphere; from South Africa to the Galapagos Islands, and in New Zealand, Australia and as far south as Antarctica.

Photographer Grant Sheehan became a penguin fan on a recent first visit to Antarctica and the remote islands between there and New Zealand. Birds they may be, but they often appear to behave in human-like ways. Fanciful interpretations have been made as to what might be being said - if they could speak - or think - by these fascinating creatures as they go about their lives in the harsh environments that make up what we can call Planet Penguin ©.

For children from 8 to 80 years.

210 x 160 mm Approx 70 pages Hardback with dustcover
60 pages of photographs

November 2008
$29.95 RRP

ISBN 978-9582838-4-7


An e-book edition is also available on Zinio for $15.00

Preview it here:

Planet Penguin e-book


History of Motor racing at Pukekohe Book Cover

On Track - A History of Motor Racing at Pukekohe
By Rhys Jones

We are pleased to announce our new motorsport book, On Track - A History of Motor Racing at Pukekohe - the latest in the series that, in the past has included Bourne to Rally, the Possum Bourne Biography and Murph's Law, The Greg Murphy Biography, both top selling titles.

The book has wide appeal to motor race fans and followers alike, across all age groups, as much of New Zealand's major motor sport events have taken place there from the 1950s to the final major V8 Supercar race there last year. The book covers both motorcycle and car events.

The track is viewed with esteem and affection by countless thousands of race fans and competitors. It is the fastest track in New Zealand.

The book will be out in time for Father's Day 2008; 2nd September.

220 x 150 mm Approx 200 pages
24 pages of photographs
$39.95 RRP

ISBN 978-0-9582838-2-3


Antarctic Partners

Antarctic Partners
50 Years of NZ and United States Cooperation in Antarctica

©Phantom House Books

'A partnership well worth celebrating' is how Sir Edmund Hillary sums up the way New Zealand and the United States have worked together in Antarctica over the 50 years since their stations were established on Ross Island in the Ross Sea Region south of New Zealand.

Sir Edmund, the leading New Zealand figure at the outset of the partnership in the 1956-57 summer, describes the partnership as 'unique' among the 28 nations active today in the world's coldest, windiest, highest, driest, loneliest and last-discovered continent.

This book is a richly illustrated and at times dramatic account of the dynamics of New Zealand-United States cooperation in Antarctica - the way people get to and from Antarctica by air and sea, the day-to-day reality of living and conducting science in a frozen desert, diplomatic links through the Antarctic Treaty System, the need for search-and rescue capability, and the extraordinary collaboration between Antarctic scientists from the two nations.

The history of the partnership is traced from that first summer - when United States Rear Admiral George Dufek and Sir Edmund cemented a productive friendship - to the present day. New Zealand's Scott Base, a compact cluster of buildings, was erected just three kilometres from McMurdo Station, America's main base in Antarctica and the continent's only 'town'. They are genial and accommodating neighbours in the least hospitable place on Earth.

A succinct and fascinating text by Neville Peat is coupled with stunning photography from Andris Apse and others.

$49.95 RRP
ISBN 978 0 9582838 0 9


More Places to Stay - Hotels of the World

More Places to Stay - Hotels of the World
©Phantom House Books

This new travel book is perfect for plotting your next escape; words and pictures describing places and where to stay that will transport you to 23 different locations around the globe.

Deciding where to go on holiday and choosing a place to stay from the multitude on offer is often a difficult task. In 'More Places to Stay - Hotels of the World', the latest in the 'Places to Stay' series, photographer Grant Sheehan and writer Shelley-Maree Cassidy have helpfully done some careful research for you and chosen some special destinations to add to your list of must-visit. Nearly two dozen very different hotels in countries on every continent are featured; classic, contemporary and eccentric in design; and in off-the-beaten-track locations, towns and cities.

You can choose from rural retreats, from the Daintree Eco-Lodge in the Australian rainforest, to the romantic Las Cavas Wine Lodge in Argentina, gracious Greenhill Lodge here in New Zealand, stunning safari camps in Botswana, and more. Or pick a city base; the historic National Hotel in Moscow, the charming L' Otel in Paris or Hong Kong's Grand Peninsula. Dance the tango in Buenos Aires at the Faena + Universe Hotel; take in the spectacular view from La Minervetta in Sorrento, or from the tallest hotel in the world - Burj al Arab in Dubai.

The book shows the hotels in their settings and some of the sights in many photographs, accompanied by text describing both hotel and place. It will appeal to both the active traveler, as well as the armchair one, and will make an excellent gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone who has everything.

250 x 230 mm 166 pages Softcover paperback
colour photographs
$49.95 RRP • March 2007

ISBN 0-9582388-9-8

Published and distributed by Phantom House in New Zealand
distributed in Australia by Tower Books
Conran-Octopus in Europe
Firefly in USA



Wharekauhau Country Estate and Lodge - Taste and Flavour
Photographs by Grant Sheehan

Wharekauhau Country Estate and Lodge is a high quality book that provides a stunning portrait of Wharekauhau the Lodge, the farm (with its rich history as one of the areas oldest sheep farms), the food (with recipes of international chef Robert Cullen) and the dramatic landscape of Palliser bay and the Wairarapa.

Frequently voted one of the world's best hideaways, Wharekauhau Country Estate is a peaceful and private haven surrounded by a spectacular land and seascape. Sheep and cattle roam free on its five thousand acres. This is a historic working farm with a contemporary luxury lodge at its heart. While it is a place set apart, remote and secluded, it is in the middle of somewhere; one of New Zealand's most scenic and interesting regions, the Wairarapa, 'big sky' country with a growing reputation for its wines and gourmet foods, from olive oil to chocolate, cheese and pinot noir.

All of these ingredients and more play a vital part in the Lodge food, and the chef's recipes at the centre of this book.

Welcome to Wharekauhau and the Wairarapa.

230 x 210mm Hardback with French Fold Jacket and gold book marker RRP $59.95

ISBN 978-0-9582838-1-6


Ride to Live, Live to Ride

Ride to Live, Live to Ride
©Phantom House Books

"When I picked it up though, I - literally - couldn't put it down. And if that's not recommendation enough I immediately started re-reading it the minute I finished it for the first time." - Kiwi Rider, December 2006

Ride to Live, Live to Ride is the guide to safe motorcycling essential for all motorcycle and scooter riders. Amusing and sassy, it is a more youthful follow-up version to our successful and now nearly sold-out Bikers Bible: Fun and Survival on Road-Going Motorcycles book of two years ago.

The writing style of Ride to Live, Live to Ride is entertaining and up-beat, its central safety message delivered with humour and attitude. Each chapter starts with a celebrity rider mishap - like Jamie Oliver's scooter accident and David Hasselhof's Harley accident - and explains how those and other accidents could have been avoided. The focus is on how to ride safely and avoid hearing the dreaded 'SMIDSY' - 'Sorry mate, I didn't see you'.

Essential topics such as what not to wear, when riding, choosing the right bike to suit a range of skills and budgets, and how to set up a bike correctly are also covered. The LTSA postscript serves as a quick reference section, reinforcing the messages in the book. This is the ideal gift for both new and born-again riders, and fits easily into jacket pockets and saddlebags.

Author Paul Owen is one of the most experienced and best-known road testers of motorcycles in New Zealand. His reports appear in NZ Autocar magazine, and are syndicated across national newspapers.

200 x 140 110 pages Softcover paperback
colour photographs
$29.95 RRP

ISBN 00-9582388-6-3


An e-book edition is also available on Zinio for $15.00

Preview it here:

Ride to Live e-book



Notable Historic Buildings of New Zealand

©Phantom House Books

LANDMARKS is a celebration of our unique and diverse architectural history - from the extravagant to the modest, the venerable to the sleekly moderne, even the eccentric.

Familiar landmarks like the Waitangi Treaty House and Christchurch Cathedral sit alongside equally remarkable but less well-known buildings such as the glorious Greek Orthodox church in a Wairarapa paddock or the beautiful Tapeka marae on the shores of Lake Taupo. Groupings such as Napier's art deco buildings, Kerikeri's historic basin or Oamaru's whitestone centre are treated as whole precincts.

From the Bay of Islands to Foveaux Strait, the gems of New Zealand's urban and provincial landscapes are brought to life in Grant Sheehan's stunning photographs and David McGill's lively text. In an impressive line-up, buildings of church and state, commerce and industry, education and entertainment, along with houses both grand and modest are shown in all their splendid variety.

LANDMARKS shows us the beauty and diversity of our built landscape, and reminds us why so much of it has been - and remains - worth saving.

240 x 210 260 pages Softcover trade paperback
240 colour photographs
$49.95 RRP

ISBN 00-9582388-5-5

Published and distributed by Phantom House
July 2005


Test Pilot - Paul Owen

Living the Petrol-Head Dream

Test Pilot is the autobiography of Paul Owen, an award-winning motoring journalist and motorsport author who is truly living the petrol-head's dream. In his role as chief editor for New Zealand Autocar Magazine, Paul regularly jets to some distant and exotic location to report on the launch of - or to road test - yet another new motorcar or motorcycle, be it driving a Lamborghini Gallardo in the Italian countryside or road testing the latest Suzuki GSXR 1000 around Philip Island in Australia. Closer to home, Paul expresses some strong opinions on New Zealand drivers, speed cameras and speed limits, the roads, the authorities that control them and the rules they make.

He tells of the place the motor vehicle has in his heart and what he has learned in the school of hard knocks of an impetuous motoring youth. This is an insider's report on the glitz and glam of the international motorshows; a look at the global automotive industry and the sophisticated PR machine that surrounds it.

Paul Owen is an award-winning motoring journalist, Chief Editor for New Zealand Autocar Magazine and the co-author of three books about motorsport icons: You Don't Know the Half of It - the life of Superbike ace Aaron Slight; Bourne to Rally - the story of the late great rally king Possum Bourne, and Murph's Law - the story of V8 Supercar hero Greg Murphy.

Test Pilot is an action-packed saga of a professional car and bike reviewer's life on four or two wheels. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it...

Catalogue: Sport/Autobiography

230 x 150 212 pages - includes 20 colour pages Softcover with flaps, high quality matt art paper 240 colour photographs $39.95 RRP

ISBN 0-9582388-7-1

Published and distributed by Phantom House


Slice of Heaven

A family on the move ©

By Martin Thomas

Slice of Heaven is the fascinating story of the Thomas family - Martin, Jenifer and their four young children - who, after the sudden death of Martin's father and brother, decide to leave New Zealand and create a new life for themselves. With little local knowledge, but believing simply that anything is possible, they buy an old schoolhouse in the heart of the Italian countryside and set about transforming it into an enchanting villa.

Not content with enjoying the fruits of their efforts, and determined to provide their family with inspiring and positive surroundings, Martin and Jenifer buy a small island in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua. The island seems idyllic, home only to a rare species of turtle. But as their new dream takes shape they find themselves facing unexpected opponents, and there are times when the task seems too difficult even for them. As the story ends Nature has taken a hand in events.

This is an inspiring and entertaining book about turning dreams into reality.

230 x 150 228 pages paperback colour photographs $35.95 RRP

ISBN 0-9582388-4-7

Distributed in New Zealand by Phantom House,
and in Australia by Hardie Grant


Murphy's Law - Greg Murphy, The Autobiography

Greg Murphy, The Autobiography ©

Murph's Law is the third in our series of motorsport books, the autobiography of another great driver, Greg Murphy - a.k.a "Murph". Approachable and quotable outside a racecar, aggressive and determined when at the wheel, Murph has become an iconic driver in the popular V8 Supercar series in Australasia. From the moment he first started racing a V8 Commodore in 1995, he quickly staked a reputation as one of the fiercest competitors in the series. He has amassed an enviable record in the climactic race of the V8 season at Bathurst, with victories in 1996, 1999, and 2003, and has virtually made the Pukekohe round of the series his own.

Known for his feisty 'tell it like it is' philosophy, Murph traces the highs and lows of a racing career defined by his complete dedication to the sport.

230 x 150 240 pages paperback colour photographs

ISBN 0-9582388-3-9


A Place to Stay - Hotels of New Zealand


Whether you are planning to visit New Zealand or you live here and want to see more of the country, this is the book to help you decide where to go, and where to stay.

It's a photographic celebration of 21 of New Zealand's most interesting 'homes away from home', and a record of the diverse and often impressive landscapes that surrounds them. Reviewing director Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, a movie critic wrote, 'If locations were awarded Oscars, New Zealand would scoop the lot'.

The many different places to stay shown and described in detail are some of the country's most interesting and unusual. Grand or simple, large or small, contemporary or traditional, the only things they have in common are that each one is original, and character-full.

240 x 210 mm 208 pages paperback 201 full colour photographs

ISBN 0-9582388-2-0


Bourne To Rally ©

Possum Bourne: rally driver, sporting icon, family man, team-builder and 'great bloke'. Three-time winner of the Asia- Pacific Rally Championship, winner seven times in a row of the Australian Rally Championship, and eight times the best placed New Zealand driver in the Rally of New Zealand. In 2003, he finally achieves his long cherished dream of competing in the World Rally Championship, but is fatally injured in a freak car crash. This is the story of how his positive attitude, his determination to succeed, and his ability to inspire others to help him brought him motorsport fame.

'"Very few New Zealanders pass the first name test - instantly recognisable when just their first name is used. Ed Hillary, Zinzan Brooke, Jonah Lomu, Stacey Jones and Onny Parun are or have been examples of this rudimentary litmus test of fame. Possum Bourne was another." Joseph Romanos

New Zealand - available in all book shops. NZ trade enquiries to Phantom House Books; in Austraila, available in Angus & Robertson bookshops and selected others. Trade enquiries to Tower Books, Sydney.

23 cm x 15 cm 264 pages paperback colour photographs

ISBN 0-9582388-1-2



A Moving Experience:

Holidays on wheels, wings and water ©

A Moving Experience is a photographic record and travel journal of places to stay that move, from one location to another. 'Moving hotels', on wheels, on water, and on wings, from the classic to the unexpected and even the yet to come are shown in Grant Sheehan's photographs, and the experience of the trip, the sights and the travellers encountered along the way are described by writer Shelley-Maree Cassidy.

In the book you will discover a wide range of choices for a hotel room with a constantly changing view, both in this world and out of it. Whether overland by train and caravan, over water by steamboat and barge, underwater by submarine, or high above the world in a jet liner and soon on a space station, there is a tempting journey for everyone.

240 x 210 mm 184 pages paperback 173 full colour photographs

ISBN 0-473-07674-8


The Bikers' Bible Fun and Survival on Road-Going Motorcycles ©

A ride on a motorcycle has an element of adventure about it that's missing when driving most cars. It's one of the best ways to see the countryside, unhindered by a tin cocoon, and with all your senses taking in the experience. You feel part of the environment you are travelling through; see its forms, colours and light effects, feel its temperatures and winds and smell its scents.

Yet, like many great fun experiences, motorcycle road riding is potentially hazardous. Whether you are new to motorcycle riding, or returning to it, this book is intended to help you not only to have more fun, but also to recognise the hazards and to improve your skills in managing them.

Author Graham Allardice condenses decades of riding experience into simple advice that covers just about every detail of motorcycle safety. Choosing a motorcycle and the clothing you need, increasing your conspicuity - the art of being as visible as possible - selecting accessories for your bike and turning your hand to some motorcycle maintenance are just some of the many topics dealt with in The Bikers' Bible©. Read it and increase your chances of accident-free riding on the road.

" Once you have ridden a road bike you are hooked for life. " Aaron Slight

240 x 210 mm o 184 pages o paperback o colour photographs ISBN 0-9582388-0-4

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You Don't Know the Half of It ©

The autobiography of motorcycle ace Aaron Slight; a best seller that takes the reader from a small town in New Zealand to the high-stakes world of international motorsport.

Aaron is the world's most experienced World Superbike racer. He has competed in 229 World Superbike races; stood on the WSB podium 87 times, and won the gruelling Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance race three times in a row. He gained the respect of thousands of fans for two miraculous comebacks; first from a debilitating and deforming hand injury, then a stroke that led to complex brain surgery.

Aaron became the highest paid sportsman of his native New Zealand, and nearly won the World Superbike championship six times. His journey to the top of the motorcycle-racing world is an improbable one, made possible by his sheer determination to overcome all the obstacles in his path. This is his gripping story.

'The title of Slight's readable and entertaining book is particularly appropriate; most of us have little idea about the world of motorcycling. The story of his battles with injury and illness is a revelation.'

Joseph Romanos, New Zealand Listener

210 cm x 150 cm 231 pages paperback colour photographs

ISBN 0-473-07908-9   Out of print


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The Wairarapa region has been a well-guarded secret, one that is now being 'discovered' by those who enjoy weekend visits from nearby Wellington or come to live here from other parts of New Zealand. Its remarkably varied rural landscape is home to an award-winning boutique wine industry, one that has acquired an impressive international reputation; particularly for its pinot noir and sauvignon blanc wines. Farmers of products as diverse as olives, cheese, and prize bulls, vintners, artists and craftspeople live here, making this one of the country's most interesting areas.

This book looks at the landscape and the people of Wairarapa through the lens of photographer Grant Sheehan. Writer Ian F.Grant adds his impressions of the region that has been his home for over a quarter of a century.

'Enduring images to savour and a perceptive text' Today, New Zealand

265 x 240 cm 116 pages 100 full-colour photographs hard and paperback

ISBN 0-473-06766-8   Out of print

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A Place to Stay:

Hotels of the World ©

Deciding where to stay is one of the most important parts of planning a trip.

Featuring thirty special hotels in a variety of exotic locations, this book is a photographic celebration of some of the world's most desirable homes away from home. All tastes are catered for, in destinations from Swedish Lapland to Las Vegas, Miami to Melbourne and more.

Writer Shelley-Maree Cassidy's text is a blend of anecdotes, history and fact, lavishly illustrated by Grant Sheehan's photographs.

'A delicious book... the farflung picks have just one thing in common: we want to stay in all of them'

Food & Wine, USA

240 x 210 mm 184 pages paperback 184 full colour photographs

ISBN 0-473-06147-3


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Cafés of the World ©

This unique book takes the reader on a unique journey, visiting 42 cafes around the world, from Sydney to San Francisco, Paris to Prague, Vienna to Venice, and many other locations.

Lively text by David Burton and great photographs by Grant Sheehan.

"Brilliant!" Café Magazine

250 x 240mm 98 pages paperback 45 full colour photographs


See also: Character Cafes of New Zealand


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Character Cafés of New Zealand ©

A virtual and real panorama book of New Zealand’s most unique cafes, introducing the people, the interior architecture and the atmosphere of our vibrant and ever-growing café industry. Food critic and author David Burton travelled with photographer Grant Sheehan to search them out.

"Looks and smells great too!" Coffee Addict

300x180mm • 66pages • paperback • panorama format • 45 b&w photographs

ISBN 0-473-02651-1

See also: Cafes of the World

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Full Circle:

A History of the St James Theatre ©

The most complete and authoritative history of Wellington's St James Theatre. Released to coincide with the reopening of the St James, this delightful book will appeal to theatre and architecture lovers everywhere.

Featuring original photographs and playbills from the theatre's archives, contemporary shots, and a spirited text written by David McGill.

"A colourful slice of social history...the strong shots complement the lively text" Wellington Evening Post

210 x 180mm • 48 pages • paperback • 16 b&w & 25 full colour photographs

ISBN 0-473-04978-3

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Leading Lights:

Lighthouses of New Zealand ©

With over 100 dramatic full colour photographs of New Zealand’s lighthouses, Leading Lights is the culmination of seven years work by photographer Grant Sheehan. Historian Anna Gibbons has written a fascinating text from both historical and anecdotal sources, and recorded what it was like to be, or marry, a lighthouse keeper!

"The best book yet produced on New Zealand lighthouses" J.H. Sutherland, NZ Books

260mm x 190 • 124 pages • paperback • 105 full colour photographs





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