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"A Moving Experience: Holidays on wheels, wings and water".

This is a stimulating look at hotels that move, taking you from one location to another; places to stay on wheels, on water, and on wings.

There's a wide range of choices for a hotel room with a constantly changing view, both in this world and out of it. Journeys by train through the highlands of Scotland, across the Australian desert, through the Rockies and down the coast of California are shown, together with Indian houseboat and French barge voyages, a camel safari, cruises in Alaska, Thailand and Tahiti -and more.




'…journeys in hotels that move, on and out of this world..'

Whether overland by train and caravan, over water by junk, steamboat or barge, underwater by submarine, or high above the world on a space station, there is a tempting journey for everybody. Illustrated with great photographs and an informative text; your dilemma will be which trip to choose.

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